Concept Development for projects

Concept development is a process driven by a set of needs and target product specifications, which are then converted into a set of conceptual designs and potential technological solutions. These solutions represent an approximate description of form, working principles, and product features. Often, these concepts are accompanied by design models and experimental prototypes that help in making final selections.

We are adept at developing concepts be it for Eco-Tourism or a zoo or any other type of project related to elements of biodiversity. We have developed Tiger Safari Concept for a Tiger Safari at Achanakmar Tiger Reserve and at Mangatta, Rajnandgaon – both in Chhattisgarh. We have developed a concept for Leopard Safari at Sanjay Gandhi National Park. We have developed a concept for Crocodile Park at Kotmisonar.

We enter a MOU with the respective department. The MOU states mutually decided terms and conditions, the fee and timeline so that complete transparency is maintained.