Project Formulation for Conservation

The basic facets of ‘Project Formulation in Conservation’ are as follows:

  • Clarity of project rationale and conservation goals;
  • Identification of project objectives, including interim milestones and key deliverables;
  • Ascertainment and confirmation of conservation strategies to be deployed; and,
  • Detailed work planning and budgeting, which will include confirmation of resource allocation from the Project Proponents or Donors or funding agencies

The various strategies which may be deployed during project formulation for conservation are as follows:

  1. Needs assessments, introduction and Baseline Data Generation.
  2. Situation Analysis may be an Extended SWOT Analysis.
  3. Field Work Planning and Designing.
  4. Addressing Regional, State Level or Landscape Level Scales.
  5. Land Use and Wildlife Management Planning.
  6. Supports through collaborations, partnerships, agreements and various other strategic arrangements.
  7. Conservation Incentive Planning for sustainability and successful implementation of the projects.
  8. Institution Building or Institutional Support for Community Orientation and Capacity and Competency Building for facilitation in implementation.

Our organisation may apply directly or respond to tendering processes or Request for  Proposals or Expression of Interests and after getting awarded, formulate projects for the various clients, project proponent agencies ad target groups as per the Terms of Reference.