Wildlife Conservation Plans for Developmental Agencies

Specialised Wildlife Conservation Plans on specific recommendations of the Wildlife Regulatory Authorities of the State Government or the Government of India, may usually be prepared for specialised needs like (i). in partial fulfilment and in compliance of the Environment Impact Assessment studies for Environmental Clearance of developmental projects, especially if the area falls in Eco-sensitive Zones of the protected areas, (ii). if the proposed project area falls in a reserved forest area which may also be a part of the protected area or (iii). specialised cases if an area in question, proposed for a developmental activity, falls in or occupies a wildlife corridor or dispersal routes/ areas of long ranging flagship species and (iv). addressing specialised issues entailing specialised needs related to wildlife conservation in human dominated landscapes with multiple land-use matrices. We as an organisation has the necessary expertise to prepare such plans

We either compete for the project through EOI and tender or we submit our proposal to the client. The project is executed under a MOU between us and the client.